Foods to Fry

Fresh foods fry up in a snap, and it’s a whiz for frozen foods like french fried onion rings which emerge from Mr. Fat Free Fryer golden brown in just 12 minutes. There’s no thawing or defrosting. Store bought frozen foods which are sometimes pre- cooked in oil like fries, chicken nuggets or wings actually go straight from the freezer into Mr. Fat Free Fryer. Everything is fried golden crisp and much more healthy, since nothing is soaking in added oil.

Crunchy Tenders

A comfort food favorite made more healthy and fried to moist, flaky perfection.

Classic American Burgers

You can't go wrong with this American Classic… beef burgers grilled to moist perfection.

Fabulous Kebabs

An instant, healthy favorite. Moist and delicious with tons of flavor. It's veggie and meat perfection, made to satisfy any craving.

Crispy Buffalo Wings

Fried up just right to crispy perfection, these healthy wings will win you a gold medal.

Famous French Fries

The crispy, gold standard in crowd-pleasing fried goodness made healthy with that fast-food texture we all crave.

Scrumptious Cookies

Fresh out of the frying machine, everyone drools as chocolate oozes from its perfect crust.

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