Mr. Fat Free Fryer

Perfectly fries foods fast.

No oils, no fats, no mess, no grease, and no extra calories!

The revolutionary new Mr. Fat Free Fryer is the first-ever easy-to-use kitchen appliance that works its magic by quickly reaching what chefs call the Maillard Point, which is the browning and golden crispness we all love in fried foods. What makes Mr. Fat Free Fryer so remarkable is that it doesn’t require any oil, fats or grease to perfectly fry virtually any food. The sleek countertop appliance cooks, browns and crisps food with rapidly circulating super-heated temperatures from its revolutionary Tri-Thermal™ heating element. It’s so simple, you just load it with either fresh or frozen food, set the time and temperature and watch Mr. Fat Free Fryer work its magic. You’ll know when the food is perfectly done when you hear its cheery ‘ding.’

How it Works

Crispy fried perfection, fresh or frozen, adding no oils, no fats and no mess.

Mr. Fat Free Fryer slashes fat and calories because it deep fries with little to no oil. Take for example a typical serving of french fries. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutrition Database, fresh-cut potato french fries prepared at home contain 99% less fat and 70% less calories when prepared without deep frying in oil, the way they are typically prepared in fast food restaurants. This finally gives consumers a smart new way to enjoy the foods they love.

Instead of soaking up oil in a pan or a deep fryer, frozen and fresh foods are actually fried perfectly golden crisp using 400 degree Tri-Thermal Heat Technology.


Tri-Thermal heat technology cooks food evenly every time for that perfect golden crispness and crunch we all crave.


Fresh foods and even frozen foods straight from the freezer fry up in a snap. And there’s never any thawing or defrosting.

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